May Favourites.

Here are just a few things I've enjoyed in the month of may from beauty products to books. I might not do this every month but I always enjoy reading other peoples reviews/roundups!


Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water

After seeing it all over beauty bloggers big and small I really wanted to try Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water. I'm extremely lazy when it comes to removing my make up in the evening and I take no pride in saying so. I have only become so lazy since moving down to Cornwall although I don't know why and I can see my skin is reacting to not being scrubbed properly each evening- lazy Jess needs to remember that make up wipes are not adequate  make up removal! So far so good, I can definitely feel my skin benefiting from the product by becoming softer and a little seems to go a long way!

Superdrug Coconut Oil

Unless you have been living under a rock or not been on any social media site, everyone is talking about coconuts. From cooking with the oil, putting shavings in porridge or using the non-edible oil on hair and skin, the stuff is everywhere. Seeing as my hair has not had the luxury of a hairdressers since December- sorry hair!- I decided to grab some and use it as a mask in my hair. I've only used it a handful of times in my hair and could see a difference especially in my ends and ended up using a fair amount as a moisturizer. I have firmly climbed aboard the coconut craze and I'm here to stay!


Summer is finally here! Well almost. The sun has been poking his head out of the clouds and has been strong enough to justify popping on my sunglasses with my scarf. I'm notorious for losing or breaking my sunglasses so I picked up a cheap-ish pair from boots to tide me over to my next pair!


Miss Peregrines School For Peculiar Children

This book was in the 'Local' section of my local Waterstones due to the film adaptation, done by Tim Burton, being filmed down here in the South West so being a sucker I bought it and I'm glad I did. The story is indeed peculiar and took twists and turns that really worked alongside the many pictures dotted between the chapters. I sped through this in one day as I was travelling around and had time to kill but found myself genuinely wanting to read on which I think is always a testament to a good book.

The National Geographic

As a family, we subscribed to the National Geographic for our holiday cottages as reading material which means I get to read them first and reap the benefits of not paying for the subscription! Each month is always packed full of interesting news about the world that I might not otherwise know about as not everything is covered by mainstream media. The size and content is just enough to pick up and read without having to dedicate too much time and feeling like I am procrastinating my work which is a massive positive!


The Theory of Everything

I cried. Like a little baby. All the praise, awards and adoration that is attached to this film is well deserved. Stephen Hawking's story is unique and so important. It not only highlights his life with his disease and his work but the turmoil and struggle of Jane, his wife. Eddie Redmayne captures Stephen so vividly, I felt like I was watching a documentary not a film, he was that good. Eye opening and a real tear jerker, I can't recommend this enough. 

Brooklyn Nine Nine

I've always loved Andy Samberg. From the days on SNL to The Lonely Island, I felt anything he turned his hand to trying was going to be good and boy, was I not wrong. Brooklyn Nine Nine has complex characters that go beyond their stereotypes and the inter character relationships and dynamics truly feel different to anything on television at the moment. Sadly, this season has just ended so I have to wait to see how it all plays out but knowing that there are talks of future seasons fills me with confidence that other people see just how great this show is as well.

Tim To The Wild (Youtube)

I wouldn't call Tim a 'Youtuber' even though I discovered him on there and he does share his content on that platform. Tim is a wonderful filmaker with a real eye for detail and intimacy. His short films are visually stunning and inspiring and his talent is truly breathtaking. Check his work out to truly understand what I'm failing to describe!