30 Before 30

Inspired by the ever lovely and talented Lucy Moon (who I believe was inspired by booksandquills), I have started to compile a 30 before 30 list. Now, I'm not that near 30 (I still have about 7 years left) but I began to realise instead of life long dreams it might be nice to put a time frame on some of the things I want to achieve, partly as motivation and partly to see just what I want to achieve.
(However, I am hoping that in the next few year my list changes because I would have completed some things or decided some things don't interest me anymore.)


1. Skydive
Something I have always had the urge to do and reckon it should be done sooner rather than later!

2. Learn to drive 
A basic one and something I can't do but desperately wish I could.

3. Go to Glastonbury 
For me, I see it as the original festival and love the free spirit vibe it gives off.

4. Publish something
I have wanted to be an author since I was a child and whether it be a book or poetry, I would love to have my name in print somewhere.
I am crossing this one off as my housemate pointed out that an interview I did made it into an article!

5. Get my undergraduate degree
I hope to check this one off the list this year in July so fingers crossed!

6. Go to 50 gigs in one year 
I love live music and in 2016 I managed to go to 32 so I just know if I lived in a large city I could do it.

7.  Kings Day in Amsterdam
Not sure why this is so important to me but I feel like I need to experience it once.

8. Visit all 50 states of the USA
Again, I believe this was something I read about as a child and have fixated on ever since plus with 6 down there are only 44 to go! 

9. See the Northern Lights
It's on every bucket list ever but for everyone I have spoken to that has seen them it is clear to see why. 

10. Live in New York City
After visiting last year I could just see myself in the city. I want it to be for at least a month if not longer because for me thats longer than a holiday and would make me feel like I had earned the right to say I had lived there.

11. Live in San Fransisco 
I have been dreaming of living in San Fran since I went there back in 2011 on a trip and vowed to do it one day. Again I want it to be for a substantial period of time to make it feel like home.

12. Walk the Inca Trail
I would love to see Peru and walk to Machu Picchu (whilst possibly raising money for charity at the same time).

13. Visit Jordan and do the walk from Siq to Petra
I saw this in a National Geographic years ago and it has always stuck in my mind whenever a bucket list was mentioned.

14. Visit South Africa
I became obsessed with SA after a vlogger on youtube showed off just how amazing it looks and I want to one day say I have done Table Mountain, Lions Head and surfed in Cape Town. 

15. Visit all 7 continents 
A fairly obvious one but I like a good list and being able to say I've done it all and visiting the Artic/Antarctic to see penguins and a totally different landscape would be amazing.

16. Live abroad for at least 6 months
This you could argue might get crossed off if I live in San Fran or New York City for a while and sure it could be, but I have always envisioned myself living in Canada or Australia for a year or two in my mid twenties.

17. Host or attend a murder mystery dinner party 
I feel like this would be such a fun evening and easily achievable in the next few years.

18. Come out to my family 
Being queer is an important and large part of my identity and I know I need to do this soon to be able to live authentically.

19. Road trip across a country
The girls at uni and I did a little road trip to Cornwall last year and I have not laughed so much or so hard in a 72 hour period. It created some of the best memories ever and I would like to do this again with multiple stops to make it longer.

20. Learn a new foreign language 
Despite learning French and German for 5 years during school, very little has stuck so I would like to be conversational at least in a language that isn't English!

21. Climb a mountain
I have done both Ben Nevis and Snowden but I would love to climb Kilimanjaro or Mount Fiji.

22. Re-learn the guitar or the piano
I played both (quite informally) as I grew up and always enjoyed it so it would be nice to have as a skill again

23. Get a bigger tattoo 
I already have 2 tattoos (which I love!!) but they are both about an inch long so I would like to get a bigger piece soon.

24. Visit 3 countries in 24 hours for breakfast, lunch and dinner
After seeing Steve Booker and Alfie Deyes do this challenge on youtube it has now made me obsessed with the idea. If I can do Jailbreak and get to New York City then I think I can do this.

25. Learn how to use a manual film camera 
Again, I learnt in college taking A Level photography but I would like to learn again and keep it up, there is something so special about film compared to photos taken on a phone.

26. Stay overnight in a treehouse
I'm envisaging an adult treehouse with a roof, a bed and fairy lights.

27. Visit film locations 
Some of my favourite movies are set in the most beautiful locations so one day I would like to go and see them for real. My main location as of right now is Crema, Italy because of the film Call Me By Your Name.

28. Go in a hot air balloon
Scary? Definitely, but just think of the view.

29. Talk self defence classes/ learn survival skills 
The world probably won't turn out horribly but being prepared for the worst is better then trying to muddle through when things fall apart!

30. Visit Stonehenge (preferably at summer solstice)
Can you believe I spent 19 years living less than 15 miles away from Stonehenge and never once went? Its amazing what you ignore on your doorstep.

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