Disneyland Paris | 2017

One of my favourite things in this world is being able to truly escape real life. Completely and utterly. I get pretty close when I become engrossed in a good book, closer still when watching a phenomenal movie and truly transported at a gig but I know I'm not completely gone. 
Last year I finally found where I can truly experience escapism; theme parks. They are meant to look like a dream world, a better world if you will, and because everything is to scale you do feel like you have been dropped into another dimension. I first felt this way last year when I went to Orlando, Florida for my birthday to visit Disney World and Universal Studios and the feeling hasn't left me. So when my friend and I went to Disneyland Paris in December just gone I truly got that experience I had been craving for over a year. 
We had an amazing time at Disney as always but this time as we were only going for 3 days we decided to film our trip. Vlogging a Disney holiday is hard because you are mainly going on rides and walking to other rides or waiting in a queue but we did our best and now have a really lovely time capsule of our trip. 

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