Harry Styles | Live | O2 Arena, London

It's no secret on this blog what a fan of Harry Styles (and One Direction) I am. I have raved about what a performer he is live and about his solo album, so this post shouldn't be a surprise! This blog post is going to be a longer, far more causal diary entry style post for this experience as thats the way I want to remember it in the future, with all the little details and moments included!

When Harry announced he was going on tour originally I fought, yes fought, online for tickets to the smaller, more intimate venues he was doing but without any luck. Was I devastated? Honestly yes, but when the announcement of an arena tour happened I soon forgot about my upset. After a stressful morning of waiting anxiously on Ticketmaster, I finally got through and after a few hurried clicks it was official: I was going to see Harry for the first time as a solo artist (along with 2 other friends). This was all the way back in June of 2017 and the tickets were for March 2018. They were seated floor tickets, something I had never experienced at the O2 despite going numerous times before and I was a little disappointed. I knew there was a small pit near the stage and wondered what the vibe would be on the floor but I shouldn't have worried as it turned out, the seats we had were perfect. 

As bougie as it sounds (and trust me I know it does) my friend drove to the O2 Arena so we decided to do valet parking for ease. She had done it before and justified that it would cost the same as both of us getting the train there and back plus we could avoid the dreaded tube crush when it ended. It ended up being such a bonus as when we left after the concert was over, about two steps ahead of us walking towards the valet pick up was Nick Grimshaw and his friend which was a pretty cool moment!

Like I mentioned earlier, I was a little disappointed in the seats I had managed to get as they were seated flooring and from what I could decipher from the seat map, they were nearer the back of the venue but despite this I knew I would still have an amazing time and was happy to be going. After grabbing a few drinks and a bite to eat in All Bar One, we went to find our seats just before the support act Mabel began and discovered...they were RIGHT by the walkway to the B stage. We were on the end of the aisle and there would be later in the evening only a small barrier between me and Harry. I genuinely think I went into a shock a little as I sat down and really enjoyed the rest of Mabel's set. 

I had looked up the setlist before attending as the tour had been going on for a couple of weeks before I got to see Harry and in between gushing over the fashion looks he (and Harry Lambert) were turning out, it was nice to see what he was going to be singing. As with all set lists there were a few stand out moments and just one moment when Harry performed a song he wrote for Ariana Grande I, even as a huge fan, didn't think added anything to the evening but hey, if he likes it thats all that matters. I adored his unreleased song Medicine and wish I could get a clean, studio recorded to listen to on repeat all the time. Watching Harry perform is like seeing a baby Mick Jagger and Matty Healy prance around stage which he did in abundance during Kiwi and it is seriously is the best song ever to finish the set with. Being a huge Fleetwood Mac fan I could not wait to hear The Chain live and boy did it deliver, with the band Claire, Adam, Sarah and Mitch killing it. 

Some other, non set list highlights included; Harry singling out a married couple who were at the show on their anniversary whilst trying to get the husband to enjoy himself during the new and more adult sounding rendition of What Makes You Beautiful. For a large part of the set, one side of the stage with the pit were throwing things onto the stage which we were too far away to see clearly until Harry addressed them as being haribo sweets. I think in a ridiculous effort to stop them from doing it, due to the stage getting covered in sugary sweets, he gave them one shot to throw one into his mouth and thinking it would never get in, the arena erupted in laughter when Harry caught it. 

When the moment for Harry and guitarist Mitch came to make their way to the B stage to do a couple of slower, acoustic songs I squashed myself against the barrier along with my friends as the rest of the crowd pressed in. It was such an amazing and memorable moment (for me) when Harry grasped my outstretched hand on his way to and from the B stage. Plus I got to see the Alexander McQueen suit in all its beautiful glory up close. 

During Sweet Creature, the arena lit up in a beautiful soft rainbow effect all around as a fan made project took effect. Fan projects are not new within the One Direction concert experience so it was not surprising to see one at Harry's solo show. What was so lovely for me on a personal level was the project, dubbed the Rainbow Project, was to make everyone in that room feel as safe and loved as Harry does to them when he runs around on stage with the pride flag (which he also did at this show and I got so emotional I almost cried). 

All in all, it was one of the best evenings of my entire life and has given me memories I know I will cherish for the rest of my life and that is such a lovely thing to say after any concert. 

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