Bruno Mars | Live | O2 Arena, London

In late November, high off adrenaline from seeing Panic! at the disco the night before, my housemate and I sat hogging a table in our hotel, pilfering off the free wifi waiting for 10am to roll around for the madness to begin. If you've ever been to an in demand tour for any artist you know what a blood bath trying to get tickets is like. We were making so many rookie errors but we didn't have much of a choice due to being in the middle of London with just our phones and questionable wifi. All the odds were against us but almost an hour later, my phone finally refreshed, the tickets were ours, we were going. 
Too much money later, a lot of "I can't believe it" and texting our other housemate; the countdown began.
Fast forward, it's April and there is the man himself in all of his wonder 5 ft nothing glory. Bruno was pure magic, 24K magic you could say, and I spent the evening dancing, singing and raising my eyebrows in awe of his (and his band/troupe/posse) talent. It was such a fun, happy, upbeat time and exactly what I needed. 
The two hours passed by in the blink of an eye and before we knew it we were all singing Uptown Funk then waving him goodbye with gold confetti raining down upon us...and also going down my throat so I almost choked and died. Still, not a bad way to go if you're going to.

Thanks Bruno for taking us to Planet Mars, I want to live there in all its gold glory.

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