Archie Browns Cafe | Penzance

On a bleak spring day there's nothing better than finding a new coffee shop to frequent away from the big chains everyone knows, trusts and loves. My families neighbour, a lovely woman who is an artist in the local area, introduced me to this cute little cafe hidden up a back street in Penzance a week ago and I've already been there twice. Part health shop, part cafe Archie Browns is a true breath of fresh air for Penzance. The cafe is up the stairs that have little hearts painted on them, (I love that little detail!) and surprising in size, with large windows to let the natural light pour in is still cozy with squashy bright sofas in the corner and felt clouds on the ceiling. 

Archie Browns is all about yummy home baked goods and accommodate for all in terms of vegan, gluten free, raw etc and honestly, everything looked incredible. On my first visit I had the peanut butter, banana and chocolate slice which was super yummy as you can see in the first photo it's almost all gone! When I returned a few days later I tried the chocolate banana pudding which I preferred and would definitely have again. Both times I had the cappuccino with soy and it was undoubtably some of the best coffee in Cornwall so it's worth a visit for that alone.

I loved the chilled out atmosphere in the cafe, something I struggle with in chain coffee shops is the noise and the bustle of take out as I like to write or do university work. It's a personal preference of mine to seek out somewhere slightly quieter which is why I loved that at both 10am and 4pm when I went there were a few people around but it wasn't crowded plus the staff didn't rush me off the table which was kind of them. 

I'm sure I'll be back to make my way through the sweet cabinet and hopefully sample the daytime menu; wether thats alone with my notebook or bringing everyone I know with me with the promise of carrot cake and good coffee.

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