University | Year 2 | Term 1

It's cliché because its true- where does the time go?

By finishing the first term of second year it marks the official halfway point in my three year degree and that terrifies me. Everyone and their cat thinks that just because I'm now in my second year at university they can ask me what I'm going to do with my life and now I can't answer I don't know anymore.

This term has felt different to any other from last year, it has felt heavier and I know that is the weight of how important this year is. Second year actually counts towards my degree; I no longer can tell myself an assignment doesn't matter because everything. does. now. There has been a subtle but stern shift within my friends where planning for the future means you need to be planning right now. It's not all doom and gloom though. Although this term has made me feel like I haven't done anything but university work, looking back through my photo album shows me that just isn't true; I've done plenty.

My incredible best friends came down three times to visit me, we had our first house party where I fell off a kerb and tore all the tendons in my ankle, won tickets to the Apple music festival to see the 1975, went to my first lgbt+ club, had more nights out clubbing than I ever did last year, went to seven gigs, had multiple beach trips, a mini break to Bournemouth, had a housemates birthday, halloween festivities, got stranded in London due to flooding, went to the city Christmas light switch on, had another housemates birthday, the fake house Christmas day, a break up in the house, a new relationship in the house, a mini break to Essex, house days out and endless nights staying up to the early hours of the morning.

I have spent more time at university this term then any other term last year and thats not a bad thing, it has shown me that I have a proper home there where I want to spend time at and with the people inside of it.

I knew it would be hard to beat first year but this year hasn't got off to a bad start.

A trip to London where a slightly tipsy Jess decided to have a chat with Paddington bear.
Picnic with my best friend in the cathedral green.

Being a pretentious a-hole in London

Apple music festival to see The 1975.

My housemates dog visited for the day and as you can tell by my face I was VERY happy.

My bank account says far too many lunches with my housemate this term but my stomach says not enough.

Not quite the same view as last year but i'll take it.

Seeing Vancouver Sleep Clinic was a real pinch me moment.

It's not Halloween without some pumpkins now is it.

This is how I spent actual Halloween, at Bring Me The Horizon.

Twenty Øne Piløts doing what they do best.

Panic! at the disco was one of my favourite gigs of all time.

Winter Wonderland in London was Christmas on steroids and I loved it.

The 1975 at their largest UK arena show. No biggie.

Go on then.

Different day but more The 1975 and more love.

Here's hoping term 2 will bring me more sleep and more adventures.

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