Christmas | 2016

To say this past year has been a rocky one would be downplaying things a touch.

On a person level, this year has had more highs than it has lows. I continued to have one of the best years of my life where I was able to grow as an individual and do so much I can't quite comprehend how I did it all. However, on a wider world level there have been more lows than highs with: Brexit, the election in America, the seemingly endless terrorist attacks, the ongoing conflict in the Middle East and so many influential icons passing away just to list a few. This year has taught us all that life is so short and we must cherish it.

So, with the festive season fast approaching and the core message of that time of year being to spend time with loved ones, it really seemed to drum home the importance of making the most out of what you've got and to cherish life. Last year I wrote a blogpost about how I felt like I finally enjoyed Christmas again after going to university and upon re reading it, I realised that it doesn't matter what I do; all that matters is who I spend it with.

I know I am extremely lucky (because I am told constantly by others) to have the most supportive, kind, hilarious, likeminded, wonderful group of friends at university that also happen to be my lovely housemates so surprisingly I couldn't wait for Christmas this year. The six of us sat down in our lounge to arrange a date we could all do and make a plan of how the day would go. We all agreed the only thing that mattered is that we were together; nothing more, nothing less. My Christmas obsessed housemate, who was my flatmate last year, and I organised it yet again partially because we knew nothing would happen if we didn't take charge and partially because we love to plan (read: be in control).

This year wasn't too dissimilar from last year; there were games and love actually, too much prosecco for six people and not enough stuffing,  secret santa presents and naff cracker jokes, mismatched decorations and a mountain of washing up.

Most importantly there were my housemates, my best friends, who showed me we could have been sat doing absolutely nothing and I still would have gone to bed happy.

Happy Holidays to you, all the love from myself and my wonderful friend-family xo

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