Vancouver Sleep Clinic | Live | Courtyard Theatre, London

Back in October, I had the privilege (and I do really mean privilege) of seeing one of my favourite artists ever perform live. I've raved on this blog before about Vancouver Sleep Clinic and if anything my love for them has only grown stronger as time passes. With them releasing new music in the last few weeks as a teaser to the album coming out in 2017, it was announced they were supporting Daughter on their USA tour. I was super excited at this opportunity for the band as I hoped this would mean a date or two in Europe in the coming year. To my delight they announced on Twitter that they would be doing a one off show in London so I eagerly bought tickets and began to countdown the days.
I didn't know before the gig that the band that made up the rest of Vancouver Sleep Clinic had their own band called MTNS (read Mountains), I was pleasantly surprised by their sound and could immediately see what they brought to the band. It's always such a bonus to leave a gig liking the support act as much as the main artist and having a new band to listen to!

The gig itself was everything I hoped it would be and more. The venue was perfect, it was small and intimate feeling but also had a kind of magical atmosphere, that time didn't really exist outside of this dark, warm room. Tim, the singer and guy who makes Vancouver Sleep Clinic who they are, delicately captivated the room with swooping soft notes and gentle instrumentals. It was so refreshing just to stand watching this unfold in front of me and not be worrying about taking a photo or video. I know I wasn't the only one that felt truly mesmerised by the performance and was truly gutted when it was over.

What truly made the night for me was being able to chat to Tim and the band after the show. All the gigs I usually go to, the artists are already established and have a huge following so meeting them is out of the question. This felt like such a rare treat to tell them how their music means to me and how much I enjoyed the show. Tim was gracious and the most relaxed person I think I've ever met which put me at ease because I was so very nervous to meet him despite having "talked" with him over Twitter. 

After we had said our goodbyes, I explained I had come from the other end of the country and need to catch my train back to university as I was cutting it fine. I ended up missing my train and was stranded in London overnight but I would do it all again just to see that show. 

Now all I have to do is wait for the album to come out and cross my fingers that they do another show in the UK. 

Support act MTNS (read Mountains) who are also the band for VSC.

Meeting Tim (and the band) after the show was a dream, such a lovely guy!

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