Bring Me The Horizon | Live | O2 Arena, London

On our 4th cocktail, in an overpriced Shoreditch bar my friend and I felt truly impulsive and decided to buy Bring Me The Horizon tickets. This was a Thursday and the show was on Monday. It was also going to be Halloween night.

I had seen Bring Me The Horizon earlier that year in May at Radio 1's Big Weekend and was desperate to go again. However, most of my friends weren't that keen on them and it was only because of the support acts (and maybe the drinks) that convinced my friend to go. My housemates at university were not impressed that I was ditching them on one of the biggest nights out but I would take going to a gig over a club any day of the week.

Basement kicked things off at a rather earlier stage time so the venue was pretty empty sadly but they still crushed it. My friend had seen them before but I hadn't and thought they were a great fit to help open the show. Then Don Broco took to the stage, in fancy dress for halloween, and showed me why I became obsessed with them back in May. I could have gone home there and then, they were that good. After a brief pause Enter Shikari came on and I had never been more jealous of not being in the pit in my entire life. It looked like absolute carnage and despite the constant strobe lighting it got me so ready for Bring Me The Horizon to come on stage. 
The lads did an amazing show, clearly stoked to be headlining the O2 and quite rightly so. The show was incredible and the extra details with the mini indoor fireworks, streamers, confetti and the incredible on screen animation made it feel more like a production than a gig showing how much they have grown. 

I left with a barely there voice, my heart thumping out of my chest and the desire to do it all over again. If that isn't a merit of a gig I'm not sure what is. 

A very faint Basement doing their thing.

Oh how I had missed Don Broco from May, can't not have a boogie when they play.

This was the only non strobe part of Enter Shikari but I promise its them.

Indoor mini fireworks? YES.

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