University | Year 1 | Term 3

As a very wise (and fictional) Rachel Green once said "it's like the end of an ERA" and even though it's only first year it definitely feels like the end of...something big.

Every term has smashed the last one and although there were very important summer exams, they almost seemed insignificant compared to what we did in 7 short weeks.

In between revision and last minute essays I still managed to go to 7 gigs, attend my first ever pride, go to Italy (the week before my exams), complete the charity event Lost, have my best friend come down and surprise me, go to radio 1's big weekend and see all my favourite artists again, have a staycation with my flatmates to Hereford, a weekend break to Cardiff, attend my end of year ball, finally turn 21 and have an amazing birthday trip to the Isles of Scilly with my family.

To say I was spoiled is an understatement. To say it was the best way to finish my first year is an understatement. To say it was the most incredible year of my life is an understatement.

I have never felt so lucky to be alive; I am so lucky, I am so lucky, I am so-lucky.

 5SOS: Part 1 was just a bit too close (just kidding).
 5SOS Part 2 meant I could be a little drunk and none of the boys would see my dodge dancing.
 I went to my first ever pride!! Naturally this picture of a dog wearing rainbow wings was my favourite photo I took all day.

 5SOS Part 3 took place in Verona which was why we went to Italy in the first place...because 5sos performed in potentially the greatest arena in the world.
 5SOS Part 4 was in Rome where we had VIP pit tickets and were escorted everywhere?? Very cool.
 This is a legitimate photo I had to send back to RAG HQ to prove we were doing the challenges whilst on Lost. It is worth noting it was a little after 6am so therefore I am way too excited over a duck ladies and gentleman.
 My wonderful, incredible best friends organised my other beautiful best friend to come down and surprise me and I cried because of course I did.
 Radio 1's Big Weekend meant I died multiple times over one weekend after seeing SO many amazing artists but lets face it, this photo is the most dramatic.
 Busted, ah yes the reliving of childhood classics whilst being in a room completely surrounded by fellow mid to late twenty year olds felt just right.
 The Enchanted Garden Ball where I wore a dress and heels and didn't make a fool out of myself? Incredible. I also turned 21 with all of my most wonderful friends so I was very lucky.
The Scilly Isles which is the closest thing to tropical paradise and only 20 miles off the coast. A bonus point for allowing our dogs to fly over in the plane with us.

Here's to second year, may you bring me more sleep and not completely bankrupt me.

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