Isles Of Scilly | 2016

For my 21st birthday this year, I was extremely spoilt by parents who took myself, my sister and our dogs on holiday to the Isles of Scilly just off the west coast of Cornwall.

My parents had been to the Scillies before but my sister and I had never been but always wanted to go. For my sisters 21st birthday we as a family went to Paris for a week which was equally wonderful but as we had only rescued our new dog Alfie a short while ago I was hesitant about leaving him with a stranger or in a kennel. It was wonderful being able to take our two dogs on the extremely tiny six person plane from Lands End and have them on holiday with us. 

As we went at the beginning of June the weather was blissful and at times I forgot that we were only thirty-ish miles off the mainland of England. As you can see from just the handful of the many pictures I took whilst we were there, the water was brilliantly blue or clear with white sand beaches and each night we were treated to spectacular sunsets. 

I adored having a very relaxed week away with my whole family after a manic final term at university and can't wait to go back to the Isles of Scilly as soon as I can to explore more of the islands as it is truly pure paradise. 


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