Confused | Poetry

you confused me the very moment
you started to wait for me after classes
and walked me to my next
even if that meant you had to
across campus and end up being late anyway.

when you placed your hand softly on my chest
so you could balance on your tiptoes
when you kissed my cheek goodbye
you would linger
just a moment longer than I think you should have
and as you pulled away your smile had a
challenging edge
but this moment happened in slow motion
for me
and I spent the rest of the day replaying it

when I was talking to a stranger at
so and so's house party
I felt your stare burning into me
and when he leaned closer to whisper
nothingness in my ear
you were there in a flash
wriggled into the little space between us
eyes locked
pressing yourself into me
as he melted away
and I melted into you

when we laid on your bed
an ocean of white rippled waves either side of us
but no shore between us
curled up against one another
our hair tangled together like seaweed
as our rhythmic breathing faltered
and my heartbeat crashed around in my head

when we finally kissed, it tasted like salt
for we were both crying
both confused
but smiling.

because this was not like the other times
we weren't drunk
we weren't high
this wasn't a dare
this wasn't an accident
there was no excuse
we meant it

and we were both confused.

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