USA | West Coast | 2011

Around four years ago I embarked on a road trip along the West Coast of America that changed my life. It was the first time I had been out of the country without my family, I was newly 16 and about to embark on a trip with 50 of my classmates and closest friends.  

I could write a best selling trilogy of why this trip changed my life and why it was the best time of my entire life but I won't. 

I won't do it because there are not enough words to do this story the justice it deserves but most of all, I won't write about this trip because it's that special. 

It's mine. It's all of ours who went on that trip and lived and breathed each other for 2 weeks. It's all of ours who went away to discover America and came back different. 

Sometimes when something incredible happens it deserves a story, a platform, a stage. Other times, like this, it deserves to be kept a secret, for little bits to sneak out over too much wine with a wistful sigh because no one else around the table quite gets it y'know? They weren't there but they have heard enough stories to feel like they were. 

So you share pictures and tidbits but it's only when you connect with those that were actually on the trip that you get to relive it. The smell of the desert, slightly sweet yet musty as you hug your friend or the weight of song lyrics sung at the top of your lungs when it comes on in the car catching you off guard if only for a moment.

I miss the people, I miss the places and I miss this trip every day.
4 states. 14 days.
San Francisco-Marisopa-Yosemite-Bishop-Death Valley-Las Vegas-Zion-Bryce-Kayenta-Monument Valley-Grand Canyon-Phoenix-Palm Springs-Los Angeles.

America you stole a little piece of me, I'll come back and get it soon.