I Just Don't Know | Poetry

I don't know what you look like anymore.

I don't know 
If you still start your day by stretching like a cat until every joint pops.
I don't know 
If your eyes still light up when watching morning cartoons.
I don't know 
If the sun still brings out your freckles and only burns the tip of your nose.
I don't know 
If you still love marmite or if you still eat sweet corn out of the tin.
I don't know 
If you still write in your little notebook when it all gets too much.

I don't know if you would even like me as I am right now.
I don't know if i would like who you have become.

I don't know if I will ever cross paths with you again in my entire lifetime.

Remind me, was it your fault or mine?

Because I just don't know.