An Open Letter.

To all those I drifted away from,

to all those i abandoned and shut out,
to all those I fought with and refused to swallow my pride,
to all those I should have been better to,

I'm sorry and
I am so proud of you.

We aren't in each other lives anymore and I have come to realize that it's okay. It's probably for the best. Best for you and selfishly, for me. Despite what may or may not have happened, this is just to tell you, I am so unbelievably proud of you and all that you have achieved.

Despite feeling this, I know I have no right to bask in your accomplishments or to share in your joy. It was you, not I, that reached your goals but that doesn't mean I wasn't there in spirit, supporting you from afar.

This letter is for all of you, and to say; keep going.

Do what you want to do.

Continue doing life on your own terms.

For I shall be cheering, albeit silently, from the sidelines every step of the way.