Earthquakes and Heartaches | Poetry

I give too much of myself away
I think
I hope 
deep down 
that if I keep giving 
that I will get back
and that if I unravel myself enough
then someone will tangle themselves into me.

But the more I keep sharing
spilling from my already full glass
the more I lose
because I don't know how to get back my silver soul 
that falls past idle hands 
when I expected outstretched fingers.

All that I have and 
all that I have given away
splashes onto the ground by our feet
and I ride out the earthquake alone
clinging to myself as I wait for him to anchor me.

The last earthquake shattered my glass
and I realised how I couldn't wait anymore
I had given him everything 
the only shining part of us was our silver stained shoes 
and the ground crumbled beneath us. 

I expected too much and received too little 
but then I found you. 

Someone who filled my veins with gold 
who thought my smile was sunshine 
and my laugh was the music you had waited your entire life to hear
now guarded and hesitant, my newly golden soul unsure
you eagerly took every piece of me I gave away 
whilst willingly opening up to me too
and as our lives intertwined I realised 
you were made of gold too.

Now the only earthquakes we have are the ones we make together 
and my heart only aches in all the right ways. 

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