Neil Hilborn | Bush Hall, London

I, like most, found out about Neil Hilborn when his poem 'OCD' went viral online. I was struck by the emotion and passion he delivered his poetry and soon fell into the world of slam and spoken word poetry. On the Youtube channel Button Poetry I found more poems and connected even more to his experiences and soon ordered his book Our Numbered Days. Around a year later my friend M, excitedly messaged me saying that he was doing a small UK tour performing his poems and we should go. 

A few months of agonising wait later, we turned up at the venue and found a seat. We had discussed over drinks what we thought the evening would entail but we were both proved (pleasantly) wrong. I laughed far more than I ever thought I would and it was so freeing to be surrounded by a non judgemental audience. I silently cried at moments that caught me off guard and even cheered along when audience members shouted out. It was such an inspiring evening which I put down to how much at ease Neil made us feel even when it was him being open and vulnerable. 

When the evening came to a close my friend and I chatted excitedly about how incredible it had been and how we must go to more slam poetry in the future. We left feeling inspired, driven and alive. 
So, thank you Neil for sharing parts of yourself most keep hidden and thank you for being such an inspiration to continue writing poetry. 

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