Europe | Video | 2017

Just before I went back to my summer job in a busy youth hostel for weeks on end I decided to join a couple of my friends who were travelling around Europe for the last week of their trip. We had decided months previously to all go and see The 1975 in Vienna as a very late birthday present for myself and my friend so I thought why not make it into a bigger trip? 
I started off in Paris with a different friend where we went to see Paramore and then I travelled alone to Slovenia to meet up with my school friends and from there a few days later we went across to Vienna. I had the most amazing time away and even though it was just over a week it felt like a lot longer. I have always had a travelling bug but now I have it more than ever before and can't wait to take off after university. 
I have been enjoying immensely videoing different trips and experiences of my life the past couple of years and decided to do the same for this week. Having a short video with a highlight reel of all the best bits makes me happy every time I watch it...which is probably far more than I should!

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