University | Year 2 | Term 3

As I start almost all of these blog posts, I am always shocked by how much I have done in a term and I'm not sure if I get momentary amnesia when I make my brain think back that far. Term 3 is always, always such a short term. This year it was only five or so weeks technically although I am including everything up until the end of June as so much happened in that month!

After a month 'off' in April for revising, I returned to university stressed about my upcoming exams so the first few weeks were a blur of late nights in the library, fear driven dreams about failing and surviving on coffee and deliveroo. Thank goodness I had my housemates to try and claim some of my sanity during this time. I was the first in my house to finish my exams, which I realised was both a blessing and a curse as I was so happy to be done but it still felt like I was going through it as all of my housemates were. I decided to go and surprise my friends from school as they have proper, grown up jobs and thus didn't have exams to worry about! It was so lovely to see them and spend a long weekend in my hometown to see what had changed and have a trip down memory lane.

By the time I came back, a couple more of my housemates had finished to my joy so we were able to out and do all the things we wanted without feeling any guilt which meant lots of shopping, nights out and the beach. We managed to convince the rest of the house to join us for an afternoon to go to pride in town and then spontaneously went to revise on the beach afterwards.

After what felt like forever but in fact was only a week, the rest of my housemates finished and we could finally go and have a big night out to celebrate. I can't remember much about the evening (which is a sign of a good night!) but we did run into our flatmates from last year so it was nice to catch up with them! One evening, a couple of my housemates and I went to the outdoor campus cinema at the university to watch Pans Labyrinth which I had never seen before (and was just okay in my opinion) but it felt very american to be sat in a grassy quad on blankets under the stars watching a movie.

The next week passed in a blur of house parties and beach trips before my friends and I took a road trip down to Cornwall to my families holiday cottage down there. My parents kindly let us borrow the cottage for a few days and although the weather was rubbish, which is typical for June, I don't think I laughed as much as I did in those three days in a very long time. It was such a silly, chilled out time and made me so thankful that I have such wonderful, inspiring and hilarious friends around me.

When we got back I was whisked away by a couple of my friends for a early birthday surprise day out of fun. We drove to a otter sanctuary near our university city where we got to hang out with some otters and one high fived me with its tiny little paws. A great day all round for everyone involved.

A few days later it was our universities annual Enchanted Garden Ball which is basically a mash up of fun fair and ball in a field. Doesn't sound great but its the best night of the year and the perfect way to finish another year at university. I had a fabulous time yet again with my housemates and the evening passed by way too quickly.

A couple days passed and it was then my BIRTHDAY! I turned 22 and spent the whole day with the people I love singing Taylor Swift at me relentlessly whilst eating good food and making happy memories. The next day we celebrated my birthday because it worked better with nights out and went to the weekly 'cheesy' evening and finally went boozy bowling which is something we have wanted to do since first year! The next day after fighting off a hangover to end all hangovers, my housemate and I took our friend out for a very belated birthday meal on a floating barge in the middle of a river which was very fancy and lovely. The following day was election day so we all went out and did our civic duty and despite the rubbish outcome I'm still happy I voted as its something I strongly believe in.

The last few weeks of the official term were one house party after another and much of the same. Some friends and I decided to road trip to the local beach to watch the sunrise at 3am which is one of my best memories of the last two years. So spontaneous and so magical. Slowly, one by one, my housemates packed their bags and left our uni house to go back to their hometowns for the summer. I had the process of moving rooms (I'm going down one floor from the attic, woo!) so I spent a few days doing that and trying to get my life organised.

About a week after all of my housemates went home, we then met up to go on holiday to Croatia for a few days which was the best way to finish second year of university. I felt so relaxed to sit on the beach for days in scorching sunshine, reading a good book and day drinking.

From here on out university gets serious and harder. The future is not so far away and I have to spend the next year thinking about my life after university which is something I have been putting off for the past two years. I don't want to start my third year because I love university so much and don't want it to end.

Second year, you were incredible and I already am pining for memories that aren't even a year old yet.

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