University | Year 2 | Term 2

Without further ado, here's term two.
This last term has felt...strange. Before making this post, I wrote down everything I had done in three short months and it was far more than I thought I had. The term has felt surprisingly empty (although looking at my notes it hasn't been that bad) and a little like walking through very thick mud. I'm sure that my mental health has something to do with this but it was a lovely surprise to find out I had done far more with this term than I had thought and putting together these pictures brought back some lovely memories. 

The year started off strong; birthday parties, returning to university house parties, joining the gym, managing to snag some Hamilton tickets for next year. I had a lovely weekend away with my best friend in Cardiff to see A Day to Remember and guests which was super needed despite only being back at uni for three weeks! 
Returning back home I found out my housemate got her dream internship so cue a surprise party, cake and prosecco. Another month, another birthday and this time I was off to Salisbury to spend a glorious weekend with my best friends from school in a cute airbnb, eat good food and get horribly drunk. 
February felt like the month where birthdays never ended and this time it was a housemates so another house party, another round of jungle juice but luckily no injuries this time. As a house we snuck away from uni life and work to Bath for a little staycation where we painted cute little mugs and had a true chill weekend away. In between all of this I still managed (as much as I could) to attend my lectures and spent too many evenings in the library. 
Before we knew it, Jailbreak was upon us once again and my housemate and I signed up to do it all over again. This time, we went further than Greece, hell we went further than Europe. In 36 hours we managed to get to New York City and WON the entire competition. A definite highlight of not only my second year but probably my entire time at university. 
Coming back from NYC was a slap in the face as reality hit from the week of dreams but luckily I was whisked away to Southampton for another birthday weekend with my best schools chums which provided enough gossip for the rest of term!
With exams looming life at university became stressful and naturally the only way to combat this...was to go on holiday again. My housemate (who had competed in Jailbreak with me) and I took off for a week in sunny Barcelona which finished off the term quite nicely. 
Although this technically happened in the Easter holidays I'm still going to pop it in here but two of my fabulous housemates and I went to London to see Bruno Mars perform at the O2 during his run there. The entire trip up to the capital was very much needed, from frolicking around Notting Hill, to eating way too much and dancing the night away with twenty thousand other people.

Term 2, you surprised me and honestly, that's the way it should be. Here's to term 3, fingers crossed second year finishes with a bang.

Salisbury cathedral where we attempted to be cultured for all of an hour and then got drunk instead. 

Amber Run at Exeter Phoenix with my housemate. Sadly I only went to 3 gigs this term and something I need to change next term!!

So many birthdays, so many presents but so much cake.


Would rather have Dan Humphrey's apartment than him to be honest.

I could never get bored of you New York.

See, good things take 180 years?

The Sagrada Familia's just showing off really.

Being "candid" at Park Guell.

Ah yes, another candid shot when in reality this took about 5 attempts.

Sorting out my barnet at Montjuic Fortress.

Barcelona beach made me feel like I was on Venice in LA.

So arty, so drunk off sangria.

See a nice building? Just walk towards it, nice.


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