Amber Run | Live | Phoenix, Exeter

I was introduced to Amber Run by my housemate E, at the beginning of second year. I was particularly taken with their song I Found and their music peppered my Spotify during first term. 
Just before Christmas, E mentioned that they were coming to Exeter and we should go and see them live. I will admit I didn't know loads of their music but I enjoyed what I did know very much and I liked them enough to spend a Tuesday evening in their company when I probably would have been watching tv instead. 

What I found was going in not knowing too much about them was the best thing I could have done. Every song was a wonderful surprise and showed off their talent. There were softer, slower songs like 5AM which stuck in my mind as we walked the cold streets home, replaying the moments when the crowd swayed, holding each other. Other songs like Fickle Game provided a rockier sound to the set which had the entire crowd moving. All in all it was a really lovely evening where I left with a few new favourites to add to my winter playlist and if they ever tour near me again I'll be sure to grab some tickets.

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