One Direction | Live | O2 Arena, London

I must confess this post is not going to be solely about One Direction; apologies for the misleading title, in fact there are only two photos of it. Sometimes you are enjoying yourself so much in the moment you forget to take photos- no, you don't want to take photos because all that matter is the moment right there and then. That was the case with this gig.

If you have read my previous One Direction blog post from the show back in June you will know the circumstances surrounding this tour; if you haven't, heres a brief low down. This was a farewell tour as the band had announced not only a member leaving but also a hiatus lasting for an unknown period of time, if not forever. We hadn't managed to get tickets for the very last show in Sheffield so this was our goodbye to them, halfway through the UK leg and on the second night of six in London.

To say this gig was shrouded in sadness would be a lie, there was I admit a twinge of upset as I realised this could be the last time I would ever see them but overall I was excited. I had just started university, I hadn't seen my best friend in months and I was so eager to go to a gig. My friend and I had an entire weekend in London to ourselves to do as we pleased and it was exactly what I needed right there and then. 

The boys as usual performed an outstanding show. It was everything I knew to expect from them but in many ways more with them putting on a pretty good act of not being tired by doing the same thing over and over again. I tried to take in every detail and make the evening last a lot longer than the two hours that we had been given. I got a little tipsy, I danced and I sang until I lost my voice. It was the perfect evening and the perfect way to say goodbye to a band that means so much to me. 

For the rest of the weekend, my friend and I hit up all of our favourite spots which included: Clifton Gardens Nursery and The Quince Tree Cafe for brunch, a walk along the canals in Little Venice, a roam around the Saatchi gallery and a small bit of indulgent shopping in Chelsea. 

It was super refreshing to just be living in the moment, to not feeling the need to check my phone to keep up to date with the goings on of my online life and to be completely caught up with right then and there, which is probably why that weekend still feels so vivid. 
That being said, there are some things-like beautiful burnt sunsets- that deserve to be photographed don't you think?

Our view just downstairs from our Airbnb apartment. 

As we were waiting for the air line to take us across the river.

The view of the O2 and the gorgeous sunset highlighting the very best of London.

Super cringe inducing but lots of fun, cardboard cut outs of the band in the O2 blue room.

A wide shot of heaven.

Morning sunset vibes as we crossed over to start our day.

Amazing brunch at The Quince Tree Cafe- roasted tomatoes, hummus, spinach, avocado and sweet chilli dressing on rye bread.

If I ever get married I want it to be here purely for the photographs.

It may have been September but it felt like a summers day.

Some wise advise in a small coffee shop somewhere in central London. 

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