The 1975 | Live | Apple Music Festival | The Roundhouse, London

I'm not a particularly lucky person. I don't know how much I believe in luck honestly, a lot of the time I believe your destiny is what you make it but there had to be luck on my side for this. I entered the Apple Music Festival on a whim one afternoon, only applying for The 1975 and wished to win tickets but residing myself to be okay with not going. The odds didn't look good; a small venue, tickets allocated on a randomiser, no re-applying and limited to two per person. 

Somehow, sitting in the lounge of my university house with ice on my swollen ankle from the drunken antics the night before propped up high on cushions and idly scrolling through my phone an email pinged to the top of my screen saying "Congratulations! You're going to The 1975". 
I dropped my phone and screamed so loudly all of my housemates ran into the lounge at once. Laughing I picked up my phone, sure that it was a spam email, and apologised to my housemates for the reaction. It was true, I had won two tickets and had to be in London the next day. 
My housemate joined in the celebration as I had promised her if I had won I would take her and we quickly booked some last minute train tickets. 

Ignoring my GPs advice about not standing on my foot due to the torn ligaments in my ankle, less than 24 hours later I was crammed into the tiny Roundhouse in London, dosed up on pain medication with an overpriced drink in hand (£9.20 for a vodka and cranberry, I almost fainted) and screaming along to Love Me without a care in the world. 
I truly felt like the luckiest person in the room, apart from we were all  the luckiest people because we had been given this gift that no money could buy. 
I cried happy tears, I cried sad tears and had to pinch myself more often than I would care to admit when the beginning of a very old song, or rare song off an EP began to play. I knew how rare it was to be hearing songs like Me, You, The Ballad of Me and My Brain and Anobrain. 

Thank you universe for this magical evening. Sometimes it's just meant to be.

Here is a cheeky drunk me at Paddington station trying to talk Paddington Bear into sharing his sandwich with me because I was hungry.

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