V Festival | 2016

I feel like the appropriate way to start this blog post is to preface that I'm a super spontaneous person. Anyone who knows me in real life can tell you this revelation isn't a surprise. 
It doesn't take a lot for me to get talked into doing something, even if I'm hesitant a little voice in the back of my head always whispers about missing out and taking chances so I usually just say yes.
V festival was one of those moments. I got roped into going during a very mediocre day at university and justified it by the smaller acts going were people I had seen before and was very keen to see again. 
It turned out to be a super fun weekend and gave me some wonderful memories of an otherwise empty weekend in August. It was nice to not be running around trying to see everyone and I was happy to go along with whoever my friends wanted to see with the exception of MNEK and Troye of who I wouldn't budge. 
The weather was a mixed bag over the weekend, it was hot and dry during the daytime but as the evening drew in both days it began to get drizzly and then a full on down pour. As a true Brit the rain didn't phase me and it was a "we're all in this together" sort of attitude at the festival but that did mean myself, nor any of my friends, took many photos. It just wasn't worth it and besides, we were there to be there and not be experiencing it through a screen. 

V bought together two different groups of my friends and they all definitely bonded after that weekend; it's nice now we can look back together and laugh about the weekend. Nothing makes you friends quicker than being drunk in a field with thousands of other people leading chants of Mr Brightside whilst waiting for Rhianna in the pouring rain. 

Here's to the overpriced cider and dodge dancing that weekend. V fest, you were ace. 

MNEK absolutely crushing it as always. 

Rick Astley was a surprising highlight from the weekend proving theres nothing wrong with lots of parents drunk dancing. 

Troye Sivan being an absolute angel.

Years & Years just before the rain began.

A chilled out and far away Tom Odell in the mid afternoon sun.

Justin Bieber who was such a disappointment not even getting drunk could fix it.

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