Coldplay | Live | Wembley Stadium, London

It was November and I was anxiously sat in my university bedroom instead of my introduction to theoretical studies lecture, nervously tapping on my laptop willing for time to pass quicker. It was 9:58am and I was flitting between messaging my roommate and staring at my laptop screen waiting for tickets to Coldplay's tour to pop up.

I did this for almost 2 hours, as I was convinced we wouldn't get any due to the huge queue despite being sat on the website since 8:30am. I walked away to the communal kitchen, frustrated to make myself a cup of tea and when I returned I saw I had been allocated 2 tickets and had about 1 minute left to make the purchase. It was a rush but it was meant to be. This was a whole 6 months before we had seen Coldplay perform at Radio 1's Big Weekend back in May but we knew we had to see them headline their own show at Wembley Arena.

Sitting outside drinking cider in the sunshine with one of my best friends waiting for doors to open gave me the ultimate summer feeling. I had been back at work for about a month by this point and hadn't felt a fraction of the summer vibe since leaving university. As we entered the venue, which was a hilarity in itself, we were encouraged to take a light up wristband and badges before we got to the floor. As we had left it quite late to get into the venue we had missed the support acts and subsequently the floor had almost filled up but really, we didn't mind. This show was a bonus for us and we knew the back is best for having a dance. We befriended the people around us, a lovely pair of couples who had met at university and were there for a lady's 40th birthday who we took photos with and who bought us wine. It really was an evening I will remember for the rest of my life, hearing 90,000 people sing together without any music and look around at the wristbands that twinkled in the night sky, I felt incredibly happy.

Here are a few photos from the magical few hours that we danced, sang and laughed away into the warm summer evening.

Hanging around my favourite place in London just before the show.

The canals in Little Venice which make me feel far away from the bustling city.
Sitting on the grass outside of the arena, drinking cider in the sunshine with my best friend. Bliss.

The stadium.

'Bird' confetti that rained down around us during the set.
The best part of being nearer the back is the space to dance.

Such a dream.

The most talented man.

These rainbow colours got me feeling some kind of way.

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