Radio 1's Big Weekend | Powderham Castle, Exeter

I have often said that my flatmate is psychic or has some sort of magical powers. Whenever I am with her, luck seems to fall our way even if only in small ways. We never queue or if there is one it melts away by the time we join it and she has an incredible ability to make predictions that come true. 
One of these predictions was where this years Radio 1's Big Weekend would be. I hoped it would be on the south coast somewhere but my flatmate said it would be in Exeter. Two months later when it  was announced that it was in Exeter I couldn't believe it. 
The military type planning and preparation began to try and get tickets (as they were free) and luckily we managed to get tickets for both Saturday and Sunday with a couple extra on Sunday so our other flatmates could come with us.

The entire weekend was incredible. I found the festival to be the perfect size as it only had two stages (main stage and introducing) and took less than two minutes to get from one to another. This meant we got to see everyone we wanted and whats more, because the festival was on the smaller side it wasn't too difficult to get near to the front of the stages. 

As luck would have it, the line up for the weekend was the perfect mix and had so many people that I couldn't believe we were going to see. Every year seems to be great but I did feel like luck was on my side for the amount of artists I liked. Musical highlights for me included; twenty one pilots, panic! at the disco, Bring Me The Horizon, the 1975, Coldplay, Craig David, One Republic and years & years.

I had seen many of the acts prior to big weekend but I was still so excited to see them again. We were so close for twenty one pilots and panic! at the disco that I cherished the moment as they have both had so much success that the fanbase keeps growing meaning I am usually a lot further back unless I want to queue for hours! 
One Republic was such a pleasant surprise as performers they were so vocally skilled and really got the festival going as they had a morning slot. From that one set I would try and see them live at their own concert as I was that impressed.
A moment I know I will cherish for the rest of my life will be on Sunday night when Coldplay were closing the festival. The lead singer, Chris Martin, is originally from Exeter and he kept saying how this was a homecoming show for him. He explained that as Coldplay have grown, he's known they wouldn't be able to come back to Exeter and do a small show again so this was the best compromise. Swaying, slightly drunk from warm rosé, arm and arm with my friends (and a few strangers) screaming along to fix you was a truly magical moment. 

Thank you to my good luck charm and the universe for giving me such a magical weekend. It was the best way to finish off my first year at university. 

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