University | Year 1 | Term 2

Ah here we go, another round up of university antics but this time it's second term.

I declared, no better yet challenged myself, to have a better term than the one just gone which was going to prove hard but I'm pretty sure I managed it. The term started slowly and with stress due to January exams but once they were out of the way there was no stopping us. We all started to realise that the year was halfway done and before we knew it we would have finished first year thus giving up our title of being naive, young freshers.

In 3 short months I raced away from university on a charity event to Greece, went to 6 concerts, signed for my second year house, went on a weekend away for a friends 21st birthday which involved archery, spent arguably too much time at the pub and play parks, made the rookie error of making jungle juice, went to more house parties than nights out and spent yet more time at the beach.

This was quickly becoming an unforgettable year; let's have it term 3.

 Good Charlotte in which my 14 year old self was living her best life.
 All Time Low proving that pop punk never died.
 In my natural habit and being very subtle about it.
 Twenty Øne Piløts twice in one week meant rushing from Manchester to London, in neither place I live.
 Halsey was also twice in one week but at this point what did I have to lose.
 A Jailbreak highlight was buying a flight to Athens at the airport which is one hell of a rush.

Years & Years once again showing me why I love them so.
One thing I never tired about in my accommodation was the view, hot damn.

As sad as the idea of term 3 is there is so much to look forward to.

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