University | Year 1 | Term 1

So, first term of my first year of university is over and crumbs what a manic 4 months it's been.

More has happened in the last quarter of the year than the last few years of my life I reckon and as far fetched as that sounds it's the truth. My mind boggles of how much I've done and when I tell friends or family I often am greeted with raised eyebrows and a surprised laugh.

From day trips to the local beach, a christmas trip to Bath for the market, 11 concerts, far too many nights out, racing desk chairs around campus, an embarrassing amount of domino's pizza, spending more time on the train to and in London than at university, an undefined number of episodes of the amazing race, communal Sunday dinner as a flat and just a little bit of degree work thrown in.

There are too many photos (and far too many that should never see the light of day) but here are a few highlights:

 One Direction: On The Road Again Tour.
 The amazing sunsets from my bedroom window.
 Fall Out Boy (Pete Wentz squeezed my hand and I got to thank him, it was amazing).
 Being PEAK trash at the 5SOS wall.
 Years & Years.
 Fireworks Night (i.e the night I fell out of a carnival ride and almost died).
 Twenty Øne Piløts.

 London, you absolute beauty.
 MNEK blowing me away.
 Yet more sunsets, worth paying £7,000 a year for.
 Troye absolutely smashing it.
 Just one of many beautiful buildings on campus.
 The 1975, ended up being 3rd row and breathed in second hand cigarette smoke so that's a win right?
 Different night but more The 1975.
 The infamous hangover christmas boat trip.
 Scouting for Girls because why not.
We don't mess around with christmas here.

Heres to term 2, there's a lot to live up to.

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