Roskilly's Farm & Ice Cream Parlour | Cornwall

Recently I  decided I want to appreciate what little treasures I have around me. This was sparked when talking to a lovely couple in the harbour where I live who had traveled from Scotland to come down to this specific corner of Cornwall. They were so passionate about places I took for granted and it was then I realised that just because I'm not wandering through the desert or drinking cocktails in las vegas doesn't mean I can't have mini adventures of my own. 
So, it begins and will range from some of my favourite tried and tested places, cafe's and days out to places that I have never even heard of. 

So, Roskillys. A small organic working farm, it's been around since the 1950s which started off selling Cornish clotted cream. Over the years this has developed into jams, chutneys, fudge and milk but most importantly- ice cream. Set in the most idyllic grounds, surrounded by green open fields and the ocean just peaking in the horizon there are dense woods to explore, farm animals to meet and fish in ponds to feed. 

For as long as my family have been visiting the lizard peninsula, we have been going to Roskillys. It's known all over Cornwall for a good reason, smooth creamy ice cream in a myriad of flavours Roskillys also offers cakes and other sweet treats along with a restaurant serving food from breakfast to dinner. Now living down here in Cornwall, it's just a short walk to the farm and parlour but far enough to feel like you have earned the treat at the end of it! I would highly recommend to anyone to give it a visit even if you just go for a nosey around the farm where they show you how the ice cream is made or just to take a walk through the woods, you won't be dissapointed.