Kynance Cove | Cornwall

Kynance cove is undeniably my favourite place in Cornwall. 
As it turns out, it's everyone else's who knows about it too- from locals to far traveled tourists. 
Easy to miss on a map, not easily accessible and nothing to offer apart from a sporadically open beach-hut cafe, it's a wonder why I am drawn to this little cove.

Simply, Kynance holds magic. Once you have navigated your way down the steep rugged pathway and scrambled over some boulder sized rocks, the cove opens up to show off natures hard work. 

Sometimes, if the conditions are just right, surfers take to the waves for an afternoon of escapism. Usually, it's walkers that splash their feet in the shoreline, scan the beach for the perfectly smooth pebble and explore the crooks and crevices of the cove. the sun can linger in this cove for longer than possibly imagined for the height and depth of the coastline, holding everyone hostage for little while longer.

Even when the cove is flooded and inaccessible, there's still a pull to watch the sea play with the cove from above.

So, if you find yourself in the west country, make your way down to the south coast, onto the lizard peninsula and come and experience this magic first hand to see what i'm prattling on about. 

You won't regret it, I promise.

The sea gently plays with the tips of my toes as it leads me to caves that are only accessible when the water fings other crevices to explore.
The sun spills out behind the soft white clouds, warming my exposed neck and reflecting the water droplets, highlighting the millions of diamonds that cling to the rock face.
The wind whips around my hair, my scarf, my legs; marking me with the familiar salty smell.
Licking my lips, I taste the ocean.